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Creative directors who think of space 




Hyundai Cubicle strives to stay ahead of the growing public point of view by introducing a wide range of materials and designs with diverse themes in the space. It specializes in building materials that discover users' hidden desires, provide optimal design, and provide creative sensitivity to space.












Service design for the public through experience and understanding 



Creating designs on demand is the most basic service we can provide. Planning the most convenient space for users and creating a space that is efficient and faithful to the public role in their use. Identify the user's needs and say, 'Ah! The space I wanted was like this!' to impress them. That's the most important service that all the employees of Hyundai Cubicle are always thinking about, studying, and proposing.












With an architectural mind


As a space designer, Hyundai Cubicle focuses on creating an optimal space based on diverse experiences and knowledge, and will continue to develop in a different way. Design your desire, that's the goal of the Hyundai Cubicle.